Using astropad with large photoshop files?


Hello everyone,

I’m considering buying an iPad and astropad to use with my 2015 15’’ MacBook pro. I’ve got a 19’’ Yiynova graphics tablet at home but need something that is a little more portable for the summer.

I use photoshop for illustrating, and work with quite large photoshop files- some up to 1GB. My question is, will astropad work with such big files without lag? Astropad sounds great, I just want to make sure it isn’t too good to be true before spending close to a grand on an ipad!

Thanks for any help!



Astropad itself is just a display mirror and it knows nothing about the file itself. As long as your computer has sufficient memory to handle the file, there shouldn’t be any difference as far as Astropad is concerned.

Just think of it as a software-based Yiynova. :slight_smile:


That’s great, thanks for the info Fluffy! That makes sense, I’m thinking I’m going to take the plunge!


I think you should try Affinity for iPad Pro, it should be able to handle big photoshop-files and it is on introductory discount right now with 30%, but only if you have iPad Pro: