Using Astropad and OBS


Hello! I haven’t found this topic while browsing through the forum here, so I thought I am posting my own. If the topic already exists feel free to link me there and I am continuing over there :slight_smile:

Yesterday I finally bought Astropad and I am using the 7 day trial for Astropad Studio just to see what extended features it got. To explain my setup: I am using a Macbook Air, late 2013 with MacOS Sierra (0.12.5) and an iPad Pro (iOS 10.3.3) for working and I am used to record my screen while drawing in Photoshop with the latest OBS build (0.12.5). Unfortunately I figured when I start OBS the lag in Astropad Studio is becoming really heavy and I thought maybe it isn’t a known issue until now and I am not even sure if this is a problem that you are able to solve properly.
Another note besides: I also tried it with changing the general settings to Non-Retina and no colours syncing. And using it not via wifi but usb.

If there are any suggestion on how to run Astropad smoothly while also recording the screen I’d love if anyone could answer me.

EDIT #1: After some trial and error I noticed it got significantly better whenever I quitted (not only disabled) hejstylus. Maybe this third party app is also messing with it. But still it’s not optimal.

Thank you in advance and greetings, Gabriel


I can’t offer a solution but I can attest to lag when using OBS and astropad (are you using studio or standard?). I’m on a mac mini 2012 and I think Airs and Minis are just too under powered run photoshop, OBS, and astropad at the same time.
Try this and see what happens: use quicktime to do a screen recording. Quicktime isn’t has intricate as OBS, but it could serve as a control.

Good luck.


I would say that it is probably accurate that it is a lack of processing power on the Air and less powerful Minis that cause the issue. I have run OBS, Clip Studio, and Astropad Studio on my quad core i7 Macbook Pro without any issue.


Thanks @Yuurei and @saramations for the replies! Some part of me was expecting this but nevertheless I thought I would ask. If you can confirm that it works with the MBP it’s already a good answer for my issue. So, I know whenever I get a new model I must not fret that it doesn’t work as expected.