Upgraded to Sierra today and now my photoshop cs4 is freaking out


Upgraded to Sierra today and now my Photoshop cs4 is freaking out. I lost my beautiful brush pressure sensitivity when drawing with Astropad / Ipad Pro.


Looking through Adobe’s forums, there is a chance of CS4 not being compatible with Sierra :frowning2:
Is there anything else you are experiencing differently after upgrading?


Wow, I don’t thought someone uses a relative “Old App” on a contemporary OS.


ok guys, I have an update. I draw comic books and the Astropad photoshop combo had completely changed the way I create. since the sierra upgrade the problem seems to be specifically with the pen pressure on the astro pad. it sputters and does not give and accurate representation of my pressure input. my Wacom works fine so I know this is a communication problem with Astropad. Astropad is literally making me better as an artist and I don’t want to have to go back to my Wacom.


I only use photoshop for a narrow set of specific tasks Ravel so I don’t really need an upgrade. The fact that Adobe’s new subscription payment method is flat out greedy and evil means I will never spend another dime with Adobe.


It’s good if you don’t agree, then you can try great alternatives like pixelmator or affinity photo, both are so much cheaper than photoshop and can do almost all photoshop does with non suscription model, just to top off your disagree with adobe, and both work well with astropad.


@Kbrumm68 Have you tried using another program with Astropad?
Like Mischief, for example; it will give us a better idea of what’s happening.