Updating Astropad studio on the ipad to match the version on my mac


I received a message on my mac and ipad to update to the latest version. The message on my ipad just contains a link to Astropad website, where I can download a zip. If I go to the app store on my ipad, my version seems up to date, and gives me the option to"open" however when I open, I get the message to upgrade.

So now I can’t use the ipad version since it is telling me to upgrade but not giving me a way to do it.
I need better instructions as to how to upgrade on the ipad, since the app looks up to date from the store, and so it matches with the version on my mac.



There was an update that was just released today.
On the Mac side, go to Astropad’s top bar menu and select “Check for updates”

To update the iPad app,
Open the App Store on your iPad.
Tap Updates, and it will show if an update is available.

If you still receive error messages after updating both apps:

  • Try restarting both Mac and iPad.
  • If the restart did not change anything, deleting both Mac and iPad app, and reinstalling them onto your devices.
    The Mac companion app is always available here: http://astropad.com/downloads/

Let us know if the issue persists.