Unexpected continuous line between strokes


Hi, I’ve encountered weird behaviour when I’m drawing in Photoshop. A connected line is drawn automatically when new stroke is placed. I know we can so that in photoshop by holding the shift key, but this is not my intention. To compare the result I drew with Wacom tablet but it works fine. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks!

I’m using the latest version of Astropad app (1.4.2), desktop build (1.4.3), Photoshop CC 2015 release (2015.1.2),
I’m on Macbook Pro with OSX 10.11.15



Sometimes my Control button gets stuck.

Perhaps your Shift gets stuck.
I just tap the key again when I seem to be getting the Second click contiously


Hi Smokie, thanks fro your input! Unfortunately my keyboard is fine, when I switch to my Wacom tablet it works normally. If the shift button stuck I won’t be able to draw curves. So seems like it’s not the case… :sob:


I’m sorry, I meant on the Astropad shortcut keys on the iPad.
Sometimes I have to re-tap the Control button on my asropad interface for it to release.
(I shouldn’t answer questions after a 12 hour shift.)


Thanks Smokie, much appreciated! But seems like I don’t have much luck here… The problem persists…:confounded:


This is how it happens


Hi! I have this problem as well. For some users, there is a workaround that has to do with disabling third-party apps. For me, I have to disable a gesture app called xGestures. Check out this thread: Photoshop brush not releasing (iPad Pro)

I hope this helps!


Thanks very much I will check it out!


Sorry I couldn’t help.

Looking at the video, that is a strange problem. Hope it gets resolved.


Thanks Smokie, it turns out to be a conflict with 3rd party plugin, it’s sorted now!


Sorry I couldn’t be of help.


I had this problem, And I found out that my keyboard & Mouse sharing software ‘Synergy’ causing it. I have to stop Synergy in order to avoid this problem. Hope they will fix it. And Hope this help someone having the same problem.