Unable to choose which monitor I want to draw on


I just installed this app, and the companion application on my Mac won’t let me switch between my two displays.

It did work for like 2 minutes–I was able to switch them once, so I know it’s supposed to be possible and what it looks like when it works. But now it just won’t let me do it anymore.

What happens is that I’ll bring the companion app to the foreground, and the bounding box will appear on the currently selected display, along with the window decorator just above it. But the other display will not change at all. It does not offer the button to choose that display.

I really need this to work. I have everything laid out on my monitors the way I like, and I’m used to it now, so I don’t relish the thought of reorganizing everything.


What mac / displays are you using? Is this studio or standard? Seems like some weird bug… First I would go into your display settings and make sure your mac recognize your displays. That’s pretty basic but thought I’d mention it. Second, I would unplug your secondary monitor and restart your Mac then plug it back in after it boots back up.
You can also go into Mission Control settings and uncheck/check the “displays have separate Spaces” setting-- log out and in again see if anything is different. I never had an issue with Spaces, but who knows!
Good luck!