Trouble with Magic Gestures


I have been having a lot of problems with Magic Gestures, I am finding that if I hold down one, two, or three fingers to use a magic gesture, and then place my palm down with my pencil on my iPad, Astropad will start cutting out the magic gesture I’m holding. So, for instance, if I hold one finger down to use the simulated hover in Astropad, and I begin using the pencil to hover, Astropad will stop detecting that my finger is on the screen and begin drawing lines and dots here and there, cutting between hover and drawing.

Is anyone else having issues with the Magic Gestures that require holding one’s finger down on the screen while simultaneously using the pencil to perform an action, such as hover or adjusting the brush size? Again, this only seems to happen while the palm of my drawing hand is resting on the screen. It might be an issue with Magic Gestures and Palm Rejection.