Trial version availability?


Hi Astropadders, got my iPad Pro and Pencil yesterday, and was planning to try out Astropad. Many of the reviews and articles i read mentioned a 7 day trial, but I can’t seem to find any such thing. Am i just bad at finding trials or is this a thing of the past? My iMac is kinda old so I want to make sure this setup works properly before plonking down $46.99 for the app (that price was also a nasty surprise as I’d somehow got the idea that it was $20ish).

So is a trial available or am I just gonna have to bite the bullet and risk it?



The best way to try Astropad is to use our free iPhone app. it uses the same tech of the bigger brother


Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing :slight_smile: Thanks.


Let us know how it goes