The best Astropad Studio pressure curve settings


Hi to all! I am cartoonist Gatis Sluka

I experimented with Astropad Studio pressure curve and find something very similar to Wacom Intuos Pro feeling.

There you can find my result

What you think?


Hi gatishs,
I have implemented a similar curve than yours. In my case is even more steep to make it more responsive.

In the last weeks since I bought the Astropad Studio I’ve been experimenting a lot and comparing wit different hardware and changing the settings with Astropad.
Still I find that the response of the pencil is much less sensitive compared to my Wacom Intuos.
And it is much less sensitive than for example using native iPad software like Procreate.

I am sure the Astropad owners will make it work eventually and finally it will be hard to find a noticeable difference.
But as of today ( 2017 03 27 ) this is my personal view.