Substance painter


Hi there

I am using substance painter, and have problems in setting the zoom function up with button 1.

I am using adonit pixel. I have already set up the button 2 on the pen, and works fine, but I need a zoom function on button 1.

The normal zoom in/out in substance painter is Alt + button 1.

The normal short cuts on astro does not work.

Hope u can help.



Hi H.,

Does zoom in/out require a specific mouse click with Alt/Option? Or is it just Alt/Option key only?


Zoom is

ALT + left mouse, and then you move left and right to zoom in/out.

I don’t believe there is a zoom in/out as a normal keyboard short cut. Have searched but couldn’t find any.



@hdcel Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to set mouse clicks in Astropad’s shortcuts sidebar.
We are working to add support, but this will take time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thx for your feedback.

Found another solution. Use 2 fingers and move left right to zoom in/out.

Works great



@hdcel Thanks for the update. Good workaround to know!
We’ll be working to improve compatibility with Substance painter for sure.