Studio features in Astropad Standard


Please make each features in Astropad Studio as in-App purchase inside Astropad Standard. I’m not pro, but at least need one or two of those features that I don’t get in standard version. So I can buy and unlock some features like the onscreen keyboard and magic gestures… Any reasonable price! But not subscribing :frowning:️ Pleaseeeee


They’ve chosen their pricing model and they’re going to stick with it. If Photoshop ever delivers an IOS app of the caliber Clip Studio Paint has, I’ll be done with Astropad. That’s the last app keeping me an Astropad customer. The monthly price is ridiculous, but they’re the only game in town, really.


Have you tried the ArtStudio Pro at $6.99…I have been experiencing major lagging with Astropad Studio lately.I do not know how to remedy it.