Sketchbook Pro pencil pressure


Hello, love the new features of Astropad Studio! Great job! I’m having an issue in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. When using any of the stock pencil tools no matter how hard I press on the Apple Pencil the digital pencil will only get so dark. Is there a setting in Astropad that I’m missing? The tool in sketchbook is setup properly with opacity set at 100%. Thanks in advance for any advice.


In Astropad Studio’s sidebar, select Pencil & Stroke, go down to Pressure curve changing either hard or soft, and see if changing it makes any differences.

If not, in Sketchbook Pro’s menu bar select Edit, then Stylus Responsiveness, and try adjusting it.

Let us know if the issue still persists.


Malyse, Thanks so much for your help! I’ve never had to adjust that feature in Sketchbook pro before. That’s the one that did the trick! Everything is working fantastic now. Extremely excited to put it through it’s paces now…


Sketchbook pressure is a little sleepy when you open the app. For me, I go to the pressure slide built into the OS X Sketchbook app and slide it a bit back and forth. It seems to wake up the pencil.