Short Cut problems?


Hi, I’m new to Astropad but I’m already loving it. I use it with Photoshop CS6. I’ve already started to create my own quick keys such at the eye dropper tool, but for some reason when I try to do that for the deselection quick key (Ctrl+D) and the transform tool (Ctrl+T) it doesn’t work. Any suggestions for trouble shooting?



What happens when you input these keys? Does each command not work at all?
Or when tapped, do they show up as different shortcut?

Are you using Standard or Studio?


One question in regards to the shortcuts that are there by default and currently on the lower left side of the screen. Can we please have the option to move them also on the right side like we can for the custom key set panel?



@Markus_Schmidt Is this relating to the on screen modifier keys?
These can be dragged to any corner of your screen.


Hmh cool! How do I do that? The shift, option, etc keys are in the lower left corner and I don’t see a way to move them around. Must be me :slight_smile:


@Markus_Schmidt No problem :slight_smile:
Atop any of those keys, using your finger or stylus;
hold and at the same time dragged them to any corner of your iPad screen.