Scrolling triggers logout


I’ve had this problem hit me 3 or 4 times now over the past couple of months. Using Astropad Studio, kept up to date from App Store, iPad 12.9 first generation, Apple Pencil. MacBook Pro late 2013, macos Sierra 10.12.6. I seems to hit when I have Adobe Dreamweaver CC running, although it may or not hit when I am using that program. I should also mention I run macos with scroll bars visible to scroll with a stylus (Wacom or Astropad&Pencil).

What happens sometimes (not all the time) when I’m scrolling using scrollbars with the Pencil, Astropad Studio seems to hang. I get the stylus trace marker. If I check my MacBook, it’s at a login screen. Somehow I have been logged out of the computer. I log back in at it tries to recover me where I was, sometimes succesfully, sometimes not (i.e. beachball, hard reset required). Even if it’s successful it takes a while to get back and of course there is a risk that some work has been lost.

Anyone else have this happen?


If possible, please take a video of this occurring and send it to support[at]
This happens only when using DW CC with Astropad, no other program?
Is this the latest DW CC version?

And, your Macbook Pro has plenty of storage space?


I will try to make a video of it. It happened again yesterday. I was scrolling in Safari. The problem always hits while using a scroll bar with the Pencil. It has happened in Safari and Path Finder.

I mention Dreamweaver since that is the program I have been working with most lately. DW has been up and running in a separate desktop space, but it is not the active program when the problem occurs. I make changes to a web page in Dw then go to Safari to test it. That’s when it happens. Or in Path Finder when I’m verifying files on the server. Again, during scrolling.

This MacBook Pro has 16gig of memory. That may be the hardware max for this model.


Some things to check and see if there is any diffference:

Go to Astropad’s top menu bar,
hold down the Option/Alt key and at the same time click “Preference”
This will enable the Debug tab, select it.

For “GPU Acceleration”, try seeing if there is any difference
with this performance when setting Metal, OpenCL or CPU.

Under “Connectivity” for Rate control try comparing the different settings,
if there is a difference between Traditional and Velocity controlled.