Screen display "squished" on iPad Pro


I am using a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 13 inch Macbook Pro. When using Astropad standard, the display of my mac’s screen on the iPad is slightly squished vertically and stretched horizontally - the black space above and below the display is larger than it needs to be. Does anybody know why this is, and how to fix it if possible?


Even though Astropad mirrors, it doesn’t adjust to the screen aspect ratios or resolution.
This causes black bars top and bottom of the screen view.

You can use “Move & Zoom” to resize and zoom in for your iPad screen view.

The quick way to access –
On your iPad, when you hold the red ring button on screen,
it will bring you into “Move and Zoom” mode, that allows you to pan and adjust the size of your screen with two finger gestures.

Also, in the sidebar -
tap " Move and Zoom" can access this mode. (More info is also available, in the “Ring button” section, here - )


Can I have a refund? This is unusable without using the total screen of the ipad and your move and zoom is horrible to use. The commercials showed the astropad using the full screen… What’s the deal here? I can see my hole screen with duet and it’s a cheaper product…


I have tried using move & zoom but it does nothing for my problem. The screen display itself is squished, and I cannot find any way to change it. It makes everything appear more stretched out horizontally on my iPad screen than it is on my Mac.


@Abvieon Please take a photo or screenshot from the iPad side, it will give us a better idea of what’s happening.


@Hayden_Owens For refund, please send us an email to support so we can better assist with the process – support [at]

In our materials and videos, the workspace screen is set using Astropad’s “Move & Zoom”.
Usually on the Mac side, program menus and panels were placed and adjusted to fit for the iPad screen.
This information is also included in our tutorials and setup examples.

This is one of the reasons we’ve been working hard to create Luna Display; along with second display,
it helps Astropad, by properly adjusting the screen aspect ratios for the iPad side when used together.
As seen here –