Saying Hi to the Community


Hi everyone. My name is Keith - I part own a company called Smart-FX in the UK. We are a design and print company based in Plymouth and Kent.

We are artists and designers with a wide spectrum or artists working under our name.

We also use iPad pro’s and Astropad. Having previously used graphics tablets from Wacom.

I personally have been waiting for apple to bring out a tablet and Pencil that can perform just as good as things like the Cintique, but with previous versions having little functionality with apps, when Astropad came out i was able to use full functionality of CS6 and shockingly surprised how well it performed, not only wired but also wifi. Hot keys are great although i would like the option of, changing or creating my own. Anyway, well done guys. doing a great job.


Hi Keith,

Happy to hear! Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

You can change the shortcut commands in Astropad.

How to do this -
On your Mac, in the top menu bar, go to Astropad’s ‘Preferences’.
It will open a window with editable shortcuts for the sidebar.
Click “Set” and type the command on your Mac, and it will register.

At this moment, you will have to reconfigure with the different programs you use.
User customizable shortcut sets for different program use, is currently in development