Rotate canvas in photoshop?


rotate canvas in photoshop ?

On an iPad pro using AstroPad, is this something I can do ?

Like I would do in Procreate with my fingers etc?

(Ps i do not have AstroPad installed - no trial copy)

Hence the question can anyone advise please?

Regards Rob


Hi Rob,

Yes, with Astropad Studio touch canvas rotation works in Photoshop.

Use two fingers to rotate the canvas, this works with in programs that support native trackpad rotation gesture.


Thank you for prompt reply Malse,

Just so i am sure “Astropad Studio” is pay per month version.

And the other does not support canvas rotate in photoshop?

regards rob


Hi Rob,

Yes, Astropad Studio is subscription.
Astropad Standard does not have support for canvas rotation gesture.