Remotely Use Astropad


I have a dilemma, I wanted to see if you can use Astropad remotely. I want to be away from my home computer and access my Illustrator file open on my computer at home. Is this possible?Thank You.


@Human_Imprint I’m pretty sure it only works on a local network meaning you have to be on the same Wifi network as the computer you want draw on. Please note, it’s specifically for drawing and not really for remote computer management, so I’m not sure why you’d want to draw on a computer that’s not even close to you. Perhaps you can explain your use case?

Also be aware you have to run Astropad on both your iPad and your computer. So you start up the desktop version, go to the app you want to draw in, then start up Astropad on your iPad. Not sure if you understood that piece, perhaps it has bearing your use case.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I would love the remote access option. I not only use iPad Pro and Astropad to draw but I do tweaks in photoshop. To be able to use corel Painter and Desktop version of Photoshop at friends or Starbucks would be awesome! That might be worth paying for studio version if that was an option in the future.