Question about lag


Hi everyone, I was deciding between purchasing the 9.7" iPad pro and the 12.9" beast and stumbled across astropad.

I want to believe that there is ‘minimal lag’ between device communication as advertised.

I currently own the baseline 2012 15" Macbook Pro, and intend on purchasing the ‘rumored’ higher-end Macbook Pro (with descrete graphics) that may or may not be released in the foreseeable future. (There are rumors about its features, but it’s pretty much settled that Apple will release something sometime this year)

Can anyone share ideas on realistically how much latency I should expect - especially compared to cursor lag compared to recent Cintiq models such as the 13HD and all?


I have the 12.9 iPad Pro. Astropad is promising but it is not there yet for what I wanted to use it for. I wanted to be able to retouch images in Photoshop using the iPad and Pencil. While I didn’t I found much lag, but I did found too much pixelization, when doing selections and other tasks. I tried via USB as well as WiFi with the same disappointing result. I look forward to see Astropad be improved.