Question about astropad and Macbook pro


Hello there… .
I have a brand new ipad pro 12.9" … but I dont have any macbook ,air , yet…
so this would be my first Apple notebook …
my question is : buying a macbook pro late 2012 ,2013 non retina …or late 2013 /2014 “retina version”

Retina versions are better for astropad ? (when mirroring and all that…) is there a big advetnage?
thing is that I dont thing I have enough $$ to go to the latest models …so thats why Im asking
pd: it would be very appreciated any advice , coz if I messup in my choice it would be almost imposible to return or exchange it . thanks again


BUY RETINA! It does NOT work well AT ALL with anything that has a lower resolution display. I’ve got a late 2011 Macbook Pro and it doesn’t work well at all with it because it’s incredibly laggy and the redraw on it is miserable because of the upscaling.


V.I.N.CENT a big thank you! this would be my first experience with mac… (aside of th ipad air I have) I will try to get 2014 macbook then! … seems the ones I can afford right now… specially because of the retina . :slight_smile:
I also just found this cool review …astropad review one year later "artist opinion"
maybe it could be useful to others … retina mac’s are better with astropad and Ipad pro combo :3


I have a much older mac desktop with the current OS and I can’t really use Astropad for much. I’d go as new as you can.


This answered my problem with lag … I was testing Astropd on an old re-built Mack book 13’ Aluminum and the lag was like 20 seconds behind on most programs tried … I need retina for Astropad and the newest Mac then ? I have a family brand new I Mac I can test on next … Thanks V.I.N.CENT…