Portrait mode possible?


Any chance portrait mode is in the works? Would love to be able to use my iPhone with Astropad in portrait mode. Thx


Maybe a quick/dirty fix would be to unlock the aspect ratio in the Mac client and allow users to set it as they wish by dragging the corners of the box?


Unfortunately, Astropad doesn’t have portrait mode. We will improve for aspect ratio adjustment, but this will take time.


Great. Do you have a rough timeframe for this feature’s release? Thx


Finding a quality solution will push this feature sooner; but for now the ETA would be aimed for next year.


Great. What do you mean by finding a quality solution? Anything the community can do to help?


Thanks for offering assistance :smiley:
We’re still investigating possibilities, but we’ll definitely reach out for help!

When developing this or any added feature, we want to make sure it’s good for our users’ workflow,
and improve their experience with Astropad.


Super. I’m actually interested in portrait mode for iPhone, not iPad, if
that makes any difference.

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Interesting idea.
We hadn’t considered portrait mode for Astropad mini, but we’ll take it into consideration as a possibility.


Thanks! I’d actually be willing to pay a lot extra if the ability to use portrait mode and/or adjust the aspect ratio were available in Astropad Mini. Perhaps you could roll that out as a premium feature?


I’d really really really love this feature for i phone as well :slight_smile: and would happily pay for it!! I’m a big astropad fan!!!


I would also love seeing a portrait mode for iPhone version. It would be great to use as a simple screencaster while designing iPhone apps to see the changes in real time on my actual iPhone screen.


Hi Malyse, are you still on track for an ETA of 2017 for portrait mode? Does that include Astropad Mini for iPhone? Thanks.