''Pixelly" Lag?


You can try turning off OpenGl drawing in Photoshop’s preferences. It made a huge difference in how quickly Astropad updates on my 2008 Macbook Pro. Selections no longer fog that part of the screen and I can paint a mask with less lag than a Cintique.

Mischief (vector drawing app) is silky-smooth as can be.


I use Astropad with an iPad Pro and Macbook Pro (from mid 2014) so that I can use Photoshop. Though I am currently using a USB in an effort to reduce lag, there are still times when a large portion of the screen pixilates (even if I’m only clicking the “Edit” dropdown to copy or paste a selection, which stinks because I can’t read the dropdown options).

Very happy to hear that there are updates coming! Ideally I’d like to use Astropad to replace my Wacom completely, since my iPad is far more convenient/portable. I don’t mind the price so much when I hear that Astropad is continuing to update their software to make customer experiences better in the future :slightly_smiling:


Interesting, will try that out.


I had the same problem. The lag made the app unusable, I then updated my OS to El Capitan and from then it seemed to have worked much better. Some lag happens at some times but much better than before.


I’m having the same lag issue. I bought astropad to primarily work in Zbrush, but it’s been pretty useful in the photoshop arena. Running Mid 2010 Mac Pro OS 10.9.5. Might take it to work see how it does on the Mac trashcan. Once the lag issue is fixed, I’d give this app a big fat 5 stars.


USB will be limiting on a 2010 model as it has just USB 2.0; WiFi might be slower as well.


I just got the iPad Pro and I tried using it both on and off wifi tonight and it was really pixelly whenever I moved anything, windows, or whatever. It does it on Wifi and on USB. I’m on a Late 2011 Macbook Pro and it’s only got USB 2.0 so that’s probably why. If I were to attache a Thunderbolt dock that had USB 3.0, do you think it would work better? I was really hoping this would replace my Cintiq Companion Hybrid but it’s not looking like it yet.


Before buying more hardware, I would first actually try drawing in Photoshop or Painter whatever your preferred app is and see how that goes. To be honest the Pixel lag bothered me at first glance, but once I started drawing with it, it was very natural as responsive. Menus will always appears pixelated at first and should go into focus. I have a Late 2011 MacBook Pro and if I have time will test it out. I don’t break it out very often. I’m pretty happy with Astropad on my 2012 Quad Core 2.6 Ghz Mac Mini, but it does have USB 3.0 and decent WiFi.


The pixel lag for me is a total pain when doing selections in Photoshop. I end up switching to Duet for that purpose and back to astropad after.


For me Duet produces a black menu bar without any text. Also latest version of Photoshop CC it produces the blank canvas with it. It used to work, but the guys at Duet seem to keep breaking it unlike Astropad.


Wonder if the different experiences with the software is due to different graphics cards. Duet works fine with no lag on my iMac and no problems with photoshop creating blank canvases.

For everything except selection, I use astropad though. For detailed selection, it just can’t be done on astropad because you can’t see the edges where the “marching ants” are.

Yet :slight_smile:


I tried it on my 5K iMac at work and it was much faster and less “laggy” so it’s definitely my older laptop. I tried using it in several apps on my laptop and it was pretty bad. I haven’t tried Duet yet but if it doesn’t acknowledge the pencil, it seems like it won’t be the fix either.


Duet has limited access to the Pencil. It works as a non-pressure sensitivity stylus. So drawing and painting isn’t any better than your finger. It ‘seems’ faster, but it uses lossy compression and is not calibrated. It will work as a separate screen, however I’ve had recent Photoshop release break with Duet. None of these problems exist with Astropad. And last of all you cannot really use Astropad and Duet at the same time. It’s one or the other.


Man… Really surprised. All sorts of people were raving about Astropad. I have an iPad Pro, Pencil and a Macbook Pro Retina and it goes completely pixelly at the slightest move on screen. A window pops up? The whole screen goes pixelly. I dare a move of the photo I am working on? Unusably pixelly. I am specifically trying on a cord as I figured Wifi would have it’s issues. Really disappointed… I get that I can turn off the use retina feature. But really? It makes the image significantly softer than even a standard non-retina iPad image. This particular use case was the entire reason I decided to get an iPad. Bummer…


In preferences / performance, uncheck “use graphic processor” and restart photoshop; no more marching ants.


Doesn’t work for me I’m afraid


Yeah, disabling “Use Graphic Processor” worked on my old MacBook Pro (nVidia GPU), but not on my new retina iMac (AMD GPU).


Please, let me know about your usb3 connection. I can’t find any cable available.


Hi there.

I bought iPad Pro 12.9, Apple Pencil and Astropad in order to use it instead of Wacom tablet but I have to admit that this is hardly usable due to lag and pixellisation. I thought today Astropad update 1.4.2 should change something and help. But nothing at all. Nobody could use Astropad with Photoshop due to pixellisation lag for more than half an hour. Your eyes just can not used to it.

Dear Astropad creators, there is written on your page “http://astropad.com/ipad-pro/” “Always fluid and responsive”. Do you think usage Astropad + iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Adobe Photoshop CC is really fluid and responsive? Have you ever try to work a whole day with this combination?

Some users did buy Lighting to USB 3 kit for better overall speed but it does not help at all. They try to buy something to help themself to use your software. Reality is different than what is written and advertised.

Dear Astropad creators, I really looked forward to use your software with my iMac and app on my Ipad Pro. I sold my Wacom tablet and waited for an Apple Pencil. Could you please tell me and other users/buyers how to use your software for fluid work? Please give us and information about a time when your software will be ready for real work or give us an information it is not possible.

Thank you.



I am using a iPad Pro and my Macbook Pro Late 2012, and must say wow it lags alot. I was thinking on editing in Lightroom by using the iPad but with all that pixel lag i cannot use the app. I have tried USB and turning of ratina, but with out any luck :confused: