''Pixelly" Lag?


Still trying out Astopad, but so far this pixel lag issue is making the program unusable for me. I used it with iPad Pro and Mac Book Pro connected with usb. I see the problem in all programs. Is this going to be fixed at some point? If not $20 is crazy expensive for what you get.


We are working on reducing pixelation, you should see drastic improvements by the summer of 2016.
if you think Astropad is not worth $20 as it is, please reach out to support (at) astro-hq.com, we will issue a refund.


I have the same issue. The screen pixel lags every time I make a change on screen. For instance, if I try to drag a shape around in Adobe Illustrator blurs the canvas.

• Running over USB
• Running in non-retina mode in the app
• Using a Retina Macbook Pro 15" - Mid 2012
2.6 GHz Core i7 16GB
• Use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


I appreciate the fast support! I did the refund thing, but hopefully someday the lag will be solved. Until then I just can’t use the program at all. It can’t just be reduced. For this to work there can’t be any pixelating lag at all. Good luck!


I hope the pixel drawing lag on the iPad Pro over USB 3.0 is fixed sooner rather than later. Duet Display which works as a second display as ZERO lag over USB. The only thing holding Duet Display back is lack of full Pencil Support. The two things holding Astropad back is lack of second display support and progressive rendering that shows up all over the place even over USB 3.0 and turning things off like Retina, red line drawing mode and faster drawing vs faster scrolling. The worst Astropad drawing areas are on selections and on your own home page in Safari. On Photoshop the marching ants turn into garbled blurs. Screensavers and your home page only produces pixels. I do not see how in the world Astropad lives up to 60 frames per second. There should be not garbled or pixelated areas if it truly was 60fps. Duet is the only USB display on the iPad pro that is truly latency free.

Running on a 2.6Ghz Quad Core 2012 Mac Mini, Thunderbolt Display, Four USB 3.0 ports. Would be great to come up with a cable that combines two USB ports to increase throughput, but that technically should not be necessary comparing Astopad’s mirror speed to Duet Display’s second monitor speed. Duet seems to have a better algorithm.

It would be great if you guys could pair up with Duet. You’d get to where you want to go a lot faster. But again maybe the completion for the time being will increase the quality of both products.

I like the features of Astropad. I like the speed of Duet Display. Combine the two and you will have a Surface Pro Replacement.



When drawing there is hardly any noticeable lag, but any improvements are welcomed! I love the features are available in the Circle button. Very well thought out product. Works awesome with the Apple Pencil.


There are a number of reasons why we cannot do what Duet does:

  • Image Quality:
    Duet uses a video compression technology that creates artifact on the screen. Duet is not pixel accurate, it is not Color accurate and the shape of the images are deformed. The image quality is really unsuitable for any serious artist.

  • WiFi:
    Astropad is designed to work on WiFi, we strongly believe in creativity untethered, the best ideas come when away form the desk. Duet’s tech only works for USB. Astropad will improve over USB, but we focus heavily on making a great experience of WiFi first.

  • OS X limitation with virtual screens:
    There are OS X limitation around virtual dual screen, like Duet. Basically OS X does not allow for virtual graphic accelerated displays. Meaning Apps running in Duet cannot take advantage of the power of the Graphics Card (GPU). This limitation is also a deal breaker for drawing apps, which ofter take advantage of the GPU

Rest assure we are working hard to reduce the limitation of Astropad and drastically improve our core technology. However I hope you can see why we chose certain tradeoffs.

Happy Holidays,

Mirroring vs Second Monitor

After spending some time drawing with it. AstroPad is very good.

Here are a few things that I am impressed with:
It does a great job matching the angle of the Apple Pencil. Pressure sensitivity works great too.

I was even able to create a marker brush in Illustrator CC that uses the flat shading side of the Pencil, but also maintained a fine point tip when the pencil was used upright. And seeing it with no lag in drawing in Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC worked equally well.

I also noticed a big improvement having both the host Mac and the iPad Pro on 5 Ghz WiFi. I have not tested Manual WiFi yet. That seems to be harder to configure with WiFi when one of the devices wants to jump onto its regular network.

After completing my first sketch using AstroPad, the Pixel drawing was barely noticeable. New areas are drawn very precisely. And the screen keeps up with the Apple Pencil.

I’ve used the Wacom Creative Stylus 1 and 2 and both create a drawing delay behind the artist. Creative Stylus 2 was worse and the delay was so bad it caused a severe distortion even when taking notes with it at NCDevCon. (And this was with native iPad apps, not Astropad).

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m sold and look forward to trying out future versions.



Thanks for reporting back. Glad to hear you are having a smooth experience



No problem. I totally agree with using AstroPad untethered. It’s great. Especially when drawing upside down. It’s nice being able to rotate a display to any angle you desire vs. rotating the canvas on screen.


Please leave us a 5 stars review on the App Store, it would really help us!


I have a new iPad Pro and a new, out of the box 5k Retina iMac and have been experiencing nothing but this latency issue.

I have moved over to strictly USB but its driving me crazy! Is it because of the native resolution?




Can you enable 5Ghz on your WiFi Router connect via 5Ghz WiFi on both your Mac and your iPad?

To me the there is not a huge different between USB and 5Ghz WiFi. USB is a little faster. But you be using a very large resolution. I’d try scaling to resolution down if possible or just use a portion of the screen on the iPad.

I was just able to get 1366 x 1024 in HiDPI mode 3:4 ratio working on my Thunderbolt Display, 2012 Quad Core Mac Mini, 16GB Ram, dual 512GB SSD, and I run AstroPad at that res. at full screen my iPad pro without any latency during drawing. The only slowness I get are on complex strokes on Painter. But its latency is the Mac and not Astropad (with Fans Running).


Astropad is designed to work on WiFi, we strongly believe in creativity untethered, the best ideas come when away form the desk. Duet’s tech only works for USB. Astropad will improve over USB, but we focus heavily on making a great experience of WiFi first.

To me there are two use cases for Astropad:
Sketching and simple work over WiFi. That’s what Astropad is doing great already. Usually when sketching I don’t edit large portions of the screen and the pixelation is not a big issue.

A Cintiq replacement that is mobile and slick. That’s where the pixelation is an issue. When doing serious work as a digital painter or animator I need to go through menus, draw with large brushes, flip through frames…etc. That’s all cases where a larger part of the screen is changed (though not the whole screen). I would really really love to see this pixelation lag improved here when connected over cable. I wouldn’t mind at all if WiFi would be much worse as long as I can do my ‘serious work’ at the desktop with a cable connected. Then I can do sketching and brainstorming on my couch and the more complex work at my desk (where I prefer to be for serious work anyway so I can focus).

I do think that case 2 (using Astropad via cable as Cintiq replacement) is what most of my colleagues would be interested in and I would love to hear if you would make this a priority over the WiFi use-case.

Thanks for a great product! I really appreciate this app and mobility I get out of it!


When I first used AstroPad the super pixel redrawing of the screen bothered me, but as I started to actually draw and paint it became less of an issue.

Doing complex particle strokes in things like Painter does show lag on the screen because there is some animation that happens as it interacts with wet artwork.

Perhaps AstroPad could one day bind USB and WIFI together to double the throughput.

Selecting menus and stuff, I’m used to it. It works. You can’t watch any videos, their garbled.

One workaround you can use now, if the lag gets really bad you can look up at your screen during those times.

Most of my work in Photoshop and Painter thus far shows that is fast enough. The engineers here are working on making it better. I’m sure there will be excellent improvements over WiFi and USB.


You can try turning off OpenGl drawing in Photoshop’s preferences. It made a huge difference in how quickly Astropad updates on my 2008 Macbook Pro. Selections no longer fog that part of the screen and I can paint a mask with less lag than a Cintique.

Mischief (vector drawing app) is silky-smooth as can be.


I use Astropad with an iPad Pro and Macbook Pro (from mid 2014) so that I can use Photoshop. Though I am currently using a USB in an effort to reduce lag, there are still times when a large portion of the screen pixilates (even if I’m only clicking the “Edit” dropdown to copy or paste a selection, which stinks because I can’t read the dropdown options).

Very happy to hear that there are updates coming! Ideally I’d like to use Astropad to replace my Wacom completely, since my iPad is far more convenient/portable. I don’t mind the price so much when I hear that Astropad is continuing to update their software to make customer experiences better in the future :slightly_smiling:


Interesting, will try that out.


I had the same problem. The lag made the app unusable, I then updated my OS to El Capitan and from then it seemed to have worked much better. Some lag happens at some times but much better than before.


I’m having the same lag issue. I bought astropad to primarily work in Zbrush, but it’s been pretty useful in the photoshop arena. Running Mid 2010 Mac Pro OS 10.9.5. Might take it to work see how it does on the Mac trashcan. Once the lag issue is fixed, I’d give this app a big fat 5 stars.


USB will be limiting on a 2010 model as it has just USB 2.0; WiFi might be slower as well.