Photoshop brushes never releasing! (as if I were pressing shift)


I’m planning on using Astropad to control photoshop on my mac, lucky you have a trial because it’s impossible to use the brush tool. When you draw with it, it’s as if I were pressing and holding the shift key on the computer because every time I press the brush down it draws a straight line from the previous position to the new one (but I still can draw curvy lines so I can’t be my shift key).
Hopefully, I can find a fix before my trial ends or I don’t think I will be using this application.


What version of Photoshop are you using?


Are there any third-party plugins or drivers installed on your Mac?

Any that function similar, or are any of the listed -
SteerMouse ver. 5

These are a few we known to conflict input with Astropad.

Any third-party mouse, or keyboard in use?


I’m using the most recent version of photoshop, and the only 3-party software I could think of is Wacom related software but it wasn’t running at the time. I will try again, this time deactivating as much stuff as I can.


There’s a known bug with some recent versions of the Wacom driver where it messes up how modifier keys work in Photoshop, regardless of which pointing device you’re using at the time. Try upgrading the Wacom driver.


I just realised MagicPrefs was running in the background, turned it off and it works fine now (I also uninstalled Wacom Drivers and co.)

Thanks for the quick replies and support!
I’m really liking this app!


Great :slight_smile: Glad you found a solution!
Thanks for the details as well, super helpful for our support.