Photoshop brush not releasing (iPad Pro)


Having the same issue here. The fact that it seems to be third party software conflicts is pretty clear I guess. I will start turning all mine off and see what happens. Astropad you guys need to get this on top of your priority list and fix it or start logging software that causes the issue and let us know about it.


Ok, for me it was a smoothing app I use called Hej Stylus. Turned it off and the behavior went away.


@Lenny_Terenzi Thanks for informing us. Are you using the latest version of Hej Stylus?
What Mac OS are you using?


I am using the latest version. I am on Mac OS 10.12.5. Additionally, the window snapping / management app Magnet has been causing issues for some folks as well.


Hi there. I am also experiencing this problem. It turns out that running Synergy software server was causing it. Unfortunately, I need to have that software running so I can share one mouse and keyboard with my PC and MacBook Pro.

Will there be a fix coming?


@threatdisplay Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA at the moment. It’s going to take time on fixing these
issues with each third party utilities and plugins that are reported to us.


FYI: “Hyperdock” is another 3rd-Party extension causing this issue. Unfortunate as it’s a favorite, but I suppose “magnet” does not upset Astropad and has most of the functionality (a note for other hyperdock users). 12.9 iPad Pro Gen 1, Apple Pencil