Perfect 1:1 Ratio FullScreen Res on iPad Pro


Try buying a mini display to hdmi cable. Like 8bucks. Then plug into tv and set mackbook display to mirror the tv. I’m getting perfect ratio and 4k drawing support that way with no lag at all. Not portable but man it’s bad ass


oh thank you, I got it fixed.
I just found out over time that it’s just easier to use an iPad app than try to work on the desktop with Astropad.
It just takes more seconds per action due to pixelization and lag than to just whip it up on iPad, and it’s not an issue that Astropad is going to fix, so… it’s back to Wacom for me.


That would be indeed great


Nice idea and it works great ! Very sharp !
I have an other setting on my Macbook Pro to have the same sharpness :

  • Set the screen settings in the System Prefs to 1680 x 1050
  • Set the Astropad to 100%

I can not do the full screen setting on Astropad, but I keep my full screen on my laptop, which is great! And the height of the 100% setting is nice because you have almost the full size.

… But everything will be fine with the Luna device ! Can’t wait.


Hey Everyone!

I wanted to let you know about the Luna device that we just launched on Kickstarter that allows Astropad to use every single pixel on your iPad (especially great on those gorgeous 12.9" iPad Pros!)

No more black bars. And Retina support! Check out my video message to the community to find out more:


Can’t wait. Is it possible to start the Studio subscription now and then get Luna later? Or what will happen when I purchase a yearly studio sub now and pledged for the 1 year sub plus Luna kickstarter? Will it be added on top of my remaining months?



When do Astropad Studio subscriptions start for the "Artist Bundle?"
We will send a survey out after our campaign ends for you to choose when you would like to receive your Astropad Studio license. You will have the option to start your subscription immediately or when you receive your Luna Display hardware.

If you buy Studio today then buy the Artist Bundle…
We will add an other year to your subscription


Thanks! That sounds good. Really thrilled to see Luna!


God yes please integrate this stuff, i don’t want to be hassling around with different apps. The only drawback I’ve found so far to Astropad is this issue of the iPad resolution not being optimally used.

Why not collaborate with the SwitchResX team?


O and now I read about the Luna display thing that uses 100% of the iPad rez. But doesn;t it work with wifi only? I’m trying to reduce the radiation in my workspace, I don’t want to be physically touching an iPad that’s emanating wifi radiation all the time…


@Formhorny For Luna Display, your iPad and Mac can be connected together by either wifi or USB cord.

More info on how Luna works with Astropad can be seen here –


Hi @Malyse that would be great. The Luna pages don’t tell me how it would work though, I see no pictures of iPads and macs having corded intercourse …