OS X gesture; full screen app switching



Switching between full screen apps on OS X is a bit of a pain, can only use the keyboard shortcut of control and an arrow key. As far as I can tell there is no gesture to switch as there’s is on a trackpad for example.

It would be great to support more OS X native gestures and document what is supported please.


Thanks for the great feedback.
This would be a good feature. We’ll figure out a better way to access and switch between programs,
especially when away from your Mac.


Thanks, I would also Add you should Try to match up with the multitouch trackpad on MacBooks as much as you can - as long as they don’t clash with iOS multi touch shortcuts. Two fingers should be right click or scrolling for example:


Also better support for MacOS photos and Adobe lightroom would be great!


We agree trackpad/better touch functions is a great idea, one we’ll explore further on.
Improvements for Lightroom is something we’re currently looking into as well.

Feedback is always welcomed! Thanks again!