Original iPad mini and astropad


Hello!! Using an original iPad mini from 6 years ago - runs nice but I’m unsure of how it will work with astropad. I’ve downloaded it and so far it seem fine, however the styllus I’m using is a adonit jot pro - I’m not sure whether it’s worth getting a pressure sensitive styllus, if it will even work with this model of iPad?
Thanks for your help!


Hi Crystal,

The Jot Pro is a good non-bluetooth stylus for any iPad.

For bluetooth styluses, the Adonit Pixel should also work with your iPad model.
What styluses are you considering?

Also note, third-party stylus support will be removed in Astropad Standard by the end of 2018.


Maybe other styluses to look at as well – the Wacom Creative Stylus (1st gen), or Wacom Bamboo Sketch.

These both work when the stylus is paired (having some pressure sensitivity), and unpaired (no pen pressure) on your iPad screen.

With these styluses, some iPads have experienced inconsistency with lines (wavy lines) when drawing diagonally though.