Not Syncing reliably


I’ve been using Astropad Studio for over a year and I’ve loved it.
But recently, for some reason it isn’t syncing automatically with my mac mini and it often starts blinking and I have to restart everything. When I first open everything, I have to resort to manually connecting which I never had to do in the past from day 1.It’s really annoying and makes me dread using it. It’s so finicky now. I haven’t had a problem before in months, but this just started happening this past month. We haven’t changed our router or anything and the ipad is close to the mac mini. Really super annoying.

I have recommended Astropad Studio to countless people, but now I have to couch it by saying there are bugs…
Please help.


Sorry to hear,
What Mac OS is installed on your Mac Mini?
As well as iOS on your iPad?

Does the same blinking happen with USB connection?

Has Airdrop been/or is in use at all?

Are there any Wifi extenders in use? Or multiple routers? These can potentially conflict or weaken the wifi signal. Is there any firewall or security programs installed on your Mac? Or use of VPN?
They can block connection, or need to allow permission for Astropad to connect on the network.

Please try a factory reset for Astropad—
Close Astropad’s Mac app.
Then hold option/alt key, while opening the Mac app again.
It will ask if you want a factory reset.
Then quit and restart the iPad app.

And if the issue persists, please email a video of this occurring – support[at]