New Astropad user, some questions


Hello, I´m a new Astropad user, just bought my copy yesterday and still learning to use it, but I have some questions.

  1. How do you select the apps from the dock? I have mine not visible, but I can´t figure it out how to make it visible.

  2. Can you wake up your MacBook Pro from the iPad Astropad software?



For apps in the dock, are you using Astropad Standard or Astropad Studio?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to wake up the Mac from Astropad at this time.
You would need to keep the Mac display on, and prevent it from sleeping.


Hi Malyse, thanks for the response, I´m using
the Standard version.



Hi Jorge,

For Astropad Standard, we don’t have shortcut for the dock.

If the Dock is hidden:
On your iPad, tap 2-3 times the very bottom, at edge of the screen.
This should reveal the dock; but we would suggest keeping the dock visible if possible.

If not hidden:
You can adjust the iPad screen view with “Move & Zoom” to access them.
Move & Zoom mode can be activated by holding down the white ring button, or selecting it in the sidebar.