New AS User - Photoshop Issues - Magic Gestures, Changing Brush Sizes


We briefly had time to play with AstroPad Studio before our trial ended, but thought enough of it to purchase for the one-year subscription. Now that we are starting to use it for real work on a daily basis some issues are rearing their heads and we’re not entirely sure how to proceed.

For right now, let’s just discuss Photoshop CC (2017) and know that all functions are flawless on the Macbook Pro or Mac Pro that we are using. This is entirely related to AstroPad Studio.

Magic Gestures
Undo/Redo work perfectly and without delay, however pinching to zoom and rotating the canvas does not. We can do the gesture again and again and at some point it may get us to where we needed to be but not without quite a bit of effort (i.e. much faster to do this on the Mac instead, which defeats the entire purpose of using a “tablet”).

Changing Brush Sizes
Having to hold down Cntrl+Alt and drag left/right is fairly cumbersome using AstroPad Studio and while I understand that you have built in the buttons to repeatedly tap to change the brush size up/down, we need to be able to drag left/right and move faster. The more tapping and slower the change, the more you lose the creative side and start thinking in the technical/computer world.

Are there ways to create Macros of some sort where we could have a single button that would press both Cntrl and Alt and allow us to drag left/right to change the brush size?

The Eraser Shortcut
It seems that using the Magic Gesture to enable the eraser tool only works if you have the brush tool active. However, if I have the move tool active and try to press one finger and use the Pencil all it does is move the canvas. It would be great to be able to use the eraser from wherever you are in the application, not just if you are already on the brush tool.


It’s been 4 days. I am a paying user and expect that via this official support forum, Astropad’s support team would provide me with a response. Btw, I also sent an e-mail to the CEO of the company per his welcome e-mail and have not received a reply to that either.

Getting a bit disappointed with AS and the team so far. If these are known issues then please just admit that and let me know when/if you will be resolving them.


@kittonian What happens instead, when you use touch zoom and canvas rotate? Does the same issue happen with touch panning?

Are you using any international keyboards?

Any use of third party keyboards or mouse?
Or any third-party plugins or drivers installed on your Mac?

For example -
SteerMouse ver. 5

These are a few known to conflict input with Astropad, unfortunately.

For holding ctrl + option/alt, one way is to try assigning it as a shortcut command in the sidebar.
Hold the customized shortcut in the sidebar, while moving the stylus. See if this works for your setup.
If not, let us know. This feedback is helpful for improvement.

Thanks for informing us on the Eraser issue, we’re seeing if we can replicate on our end.
When using the Eraser Magic gesture while Move Tool is active, does the Move Tool icon stay on screen when Eraser gesture is activated? Or does the icon change to something different?

Apologies for any inconvenience