Need to reboot MacBook Pro


Often if I open astropad on the macbook pro and iPad pro, I need to reboot the macbook pro before I can draw a line in any application

That includes
Adobe illustrator
Corel Painter
Affinity Designer

Any suggestions?


What OS X is your Mac running?

Is there anything that happens when you using the stylus on the iPad?
Are you connected with wifi or USB?
Which stylus brand are you using?

Apologies for the inconvenience.


I’ve got to say, I’ve pretty much given up on Astropad.
For a while during beta, it appeared to be working fairly consistently, but lately, it works about 25% of the time,
even after rebooting.

Things like making a simple square using adobe illustrator do not appear to work.

I have downloaded Air Display and it and I have not had a functionality issue at all.

In answer to your questions:

  • OSX10.11 (not Sierra)
    USB connection
    apple pencil.



Hi Gregg,

Sorry to hear that.

We’re looking on our end on what the potential issue may be.
Is there anything that specifically occurs on the Mac or iPad side?
Does the app close itself?

Is there any use of 3rd party plugins or drivers installed on your Mac?
Some have been known to conflict with stylus input.

Any further information will helps us.


Hey Gregg, did you ever find the cause? … I had this happen to me two times randomly on macOS Sierra so wondering if you figured it out.