Move canvas with two-fingers in Clip Studio Paint


I’m trying to move the canvas in Clip Studio Paint 1.6.2 with two fingers, but it isn’t working. I get the panning indicator (arrows), but it only draws random dots/lines with the selected pen.


What Mac OS are you using? As well as iPad model and stylus in use?


I’m using macOS 10.12.2 and iPad Pro 9.7 inch with Apple Pencil.


For me works perfectly, indeed, is one of the best softwares in this feature, I’m also on macOS 12.2 with Clip studio 1.6.2


Hi! We are looking into this issue.

Couple question:

  • What Mac model do you have?
  • Do you have any Wacom driver installed?
  • Do you have any other 3rd party software you could think of which affects mouse/keyboard input? Any special mouse or keyboard? Any utility to control the mouse strokes?

  • I’m using a 2016 15" MacBook Pro
  • Wacom drivers are currently uninstalled, as they are completely broken on macOS 10.12.2
  • I’m not using any software that affects mouse or keyboard input. I am however using a keyboard with German key layout. Clip Studio usually completely ignores this and displays keyboard shortcuts for English keyboards (e.g. “y” is mapped to “z”). Maybe this is affecting it somehow.


There is an update to wacom drivers, try install it.


The driver update from last week? That one didn’t work. The one before that also didn’t work. And the one before that either. If there’s already a new one, I cannot download it right now, because the Wacom drivers pages just returns a server error. And don’t even get me started on helpful the support team was… I won’t buy any Wacom products in the future.

But I uninstalled the Wacom drivers before I bought Astropad last week. They shouldn’t be related to this problem.


Since the last update, Clip Studio crashes when I use 2 fingers to move the canvas. it works (the 2 fingers) to zoom in/out but not to move the entire canvas.
I’m working on a Mac Book pro 13 inches of middle 2012, with Sierra OS (version 10.12.2)
Thanks in advance if you have any resolution to this pb.


@cl1993 We’re looking into this issue. Does only Clip Studio crash? Or does Astropad crash as well?