Maya and magic gestures


I tried to set up the magic gestures to work as my window navigation keys:
tumble = alt+LMB
track = alt+MMB
zoom = alt+RMB
I set the magic gestures as:
one finger to be right mouse
two fingerto be middle mouse
I display the modifier keys.
When I hold down the “option” key and use the pencil the tumble tool works perfectly.
When I hold “option” and “one finger” it works about 40% of the time and when it does work it only works for one stroke.
The same is true for “two fingers”

Is this a bug or is there a better way to set this up?

ps. I have managed to find a work around where I set the 3 modes as a custom hotkey in maya and add the hot keys to the “workspace” panel. This works but it would be great to use the workspace for other commands and it would be smoother to not have to toogle the window navigation every time I want to move.



Thanks for the details, this really helps.
We’re working on fixing issues with modifier keys.

What version of Maya is in use? Also, Mac OS version?
Does the same things occur with the gestures in other programs you use?


Mud box seems to work perfectly. I haven’t had any other problems.

Maya 2015 , most resent version of El Capitan