Marching ants animation in Photoshop



I am an 2D artist and now I mostly draw pixel art for games, such like this (the whole art is made by me):

I work in Photoshop, and there is one thing which disturbs me, is marching ants animation. Astropad is good but every unnecessary animation is leads for pixelated artifacts on the whole screen. And marching ants is creating a lot of unnecessary animations.

Maybe such respectable company like yours (in which works Apple engineers), have some connections with Adobe, and you could ask them to implement in Photoshop such option like SHOW but DONT animate marching ants in selection?

Also, you promised to make pixelation even less till the end of this year. How your progress is going? When will you release this update?

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Did you ever figure this out?


With the new Astropad Studio this problem is not actual. Thank you!