Magic Gestures and Shortcuts?


I’m loving the new gestures and shortcuts available in Astropad Studio but I’ve run into a couple problems trying to input different commands. For instance, I couldn’t get get 3 finger tap to work with command/shift/Z for undo in Clip Studio Paint. And when I turned it back into command/y (and added that shortcut in CSP) it wouldn’t work until I reset Astropad back to default. Messing around, I discovered I couldn’t use remapped gestures at all, but could only use default ones. The new commands show up, but they don’t work. I couldn’t even map in command/z into 2 finger tap (even though that works as default).

I also tried adding multiple modifiers to one finger plus pencil, and that wouldn’t work (but I could change it to just one modifier). And in shortcuts, I was able to add modifier keys (which works better than the quick keys for me), but I wasn’t able to add a double modifier combination like command/shift as one button. It would be nice to be able to do that.


Sounds like we have some bugs here.
We know Shift key is broken. We are looking into fixing it.
We will need to investigate on the other issues you are reporting