Macbook too old?


Just wondering if anyone has, or is using, Astropad with a Macbook Air (I have a late 2013 model)? As is there’s no real issues except that the resolution on my iPad Pro 12.9 looks really really fuzzy and not sharp like my Macbook display. Is this because I don’t have a retina display on my Macbook? Is there anyway to fix this without getting a new Macbook?

Also if anyone has used Astropad with the Macbook Air, leave comments about your experience.


Yes that’s unfortunately the expected behavior because Astropad mirrors your primary display (which has way less pixels than your iPad).

For this very reason we developed Luna Display.
Here is more info about why we developed Luna.


Does Luna get around this issue? I was one of the first to back the kickstarter campaign.


Yup Luna will solve that! Thanks for supporting our mission!