MacBook Pro mid-2012 Performance?


I’m looking into buying a iPad Pro, Pencil and Astropad. I’m just wondering about the performance on a 2012 macbook pro non-retina. Is anyone running the same setup?


The experience may be slower performance than newer Mac models, depending on you Macbook Pro’s specs.


kennfletch sorry to jump into thread like this :blush: (no intention to hijack your question ) I just thought it would be dumb to open new question on forum … since your doubt is very similar to mine …
saying this … Malyse ( or anyone ) what I want to ask is : if someone who does not have any macbook pro …and want to buy one
and dont have the money to buy a “new” one … (by new I mean the latest model )
what are the key features that have direct influence on Astropad ? ( cpu,gpu, ?)
as far I know …latest iOs/ XOs update is good to have right ?
retina display is faar better and one of the keys to have pleasant visuals
and what else ?.. is a Macbook pro 15 (2012) with retina dispaly with i7cpu + nvidia gpu
could be enough or better rather a 2014 macbook pro 13 with an i5 haswell with integrated Intel Iris 5100 graphics processor enough or better than the 2012 nvidia gpu on teh other macbook above?

to sum up what Im asking is putting aside to have up to date the lates xOs/iOs and to look for a retina display
what else I should look for ? or its simple as look at the more newer&better specs as you can afford&you can get . or astropad run better with dedicated gpu, or ram ? *

  • pd: Im pointing exclusively to Astropad+Mac "symbiosis " …as a freelance artist I know that for photoshop …if u have more ram and powerful cpu is far better to get it work properly than work on an old machine
    thanks u very much
    Im very exited to try Astropad :slight_smile:
    pd:sorry for the long writing …Im not good for summary´s or recaps -__-


@Vlad_Riko No worries! :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask us any questions.

The graphics card of your Mac greatly affects Astropad’s overall performance.
A good graphics card can make a difference, even with older Mac models, since Astropad relies more on GPU than CPU.

For Macbook Pros, having discreet graphic card tend to perform better, even comparing with with newer Macbook models that don’t have one.
Astropad works with OS X 10.9 or later; but 10.11 and above tends to have faster performance.

Retina display is ideal, especially if using an iPad Pro, since Astropad is mirroring from your Mac’s screen.