Lunda display vs Headless HDMI


I have a mac that I don´t have a display connected to. This means I can´t run astropad on it without major issues.
I´ve read that the solution for this is a Dummy HDMI dongle or Headless hdmi .
Does LUNA display do the same thing and whats the different?

I don´t have the time to wait for delivery in january for LUNA display, so Headless hdmi seems like the only option right now. (or is it possible to get the LUNA display earlier? :wink:


For your hdmi dongle question, I’ve responded to your other topic here: Luna Display vs Headless HDMI?

Luna Display current pre-orders are planned for shipping January 2019,
since we’re currently focused on fulfilling orders to Kickstarter/Backerkit backers.