Karabiner-elements + astropad (bug)


I have the following bug:

-> shift+click in astropad (holding down the shift key on the keyboard and taping the screen with the apple pencil) comes through as an ordinary click instead of as shift+click

(Nb: The shift+click is useful for extending a selection—for example, selecting several nodes on a path, or selecting text from the current cursor position to the new cursor position.)

The bug only happens when I have Karabiner-Elements (this is a keyboard remapping utility) turned on, so it’s a joint Karabiner-Elements/Astropad bug. Specifically:

-> if Karabiner-Elements is off, shift+click works everywhere including in astropad
-> if Karabiner-Elements is on, shift+click still works when I click with the trackpad; it just doesn’t work astropad, like I said

Concerning the second point, maybe some astropad person could explain the system-level difference between an astropad click and a trackpad click…

The bug persists when Karabiner-Elements is being used with a “blank” remapping profile (i.e., no keys are mapped to anything).

I have the latest versions of everything installed as of 2017/07/25:

  • Astropad 2.2.3
  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • Karabiner-Elements 0.91.9

I will cross-post this on the Karabiner-Elements issues page.




Hi Z,

Thanks for informing us and the community :slight_smile:
We haven’t tested with Karabiner-Elements ourselves, so these details are helpful!

Looking at their page, they mention it does not work with Sierra –


Hi Malyse,

Thanks. Karabiner-Elements is not the same as Karabiner: Karabiner was a full-fledged XML-based keyboard mapper, that broke down on Sierra. Karabiner-Elements is a subset of Karabiner that is designed to work on Sierra. The web page you linked to does indicate “remaining issues” on Sierra, and the bug may indeed be on the Karabiner-Elements side, not on the Astropad side!

If one of the Astropad programmers could indicate the system-level difference between a trackpad click event and an apple-pencil click event on the iPad (or even better, between the two types of shift+click) this might ultimately be helpful to understanding the bug, be it a Karabiner-Elements bug.





This is embarrassing, but the bug has gone away and I don’t know what I did :confused:

I guess we can consider this solved for now…




@Zorro_Jimenez No worries :slight_smile: Thanks for updating us.
Glad it’s working now, and let us know if this issue comes up again!