Jagged lines in Clip Studio Paint with Astropad Studio


I have had this issue with Astropad (both standard and studio) where, when I draw quickly, lines will tend to have jagged edges to them. This does not happen in Photoshop CS6 for me, only Clip Studio. I am using an iPad Pro, with an Apple Pencil, and a 2015 Macbook Pro with Retina display. I have Clip Studio’s tablet settings set to 5 (as recommended by the Astropad team).

Here is an example of the behavior I am talking about: [URL=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/helloween06787/media/Astropad%20Jaggies_zpshoyyslak.jpg.html][/URL]

Any help to remedy this, or fix this in an update to Astropad if the problem isn’t isolated to me, would be amazing. Thanks!


My apologies, it looks as though Clip Studio’s tablet settings were set to 1 after all. I set it to 5 and things are much better, still a slight amount of jaggedness if I draw quickly, but greatly improved.


Okay, even with tablet settings set to 5, I am still getting a fair amount of jitter when drawing quickly, especially at the beginning of strokes. Does anyone else using Clip Studio have this behavior? Is there a fix?


How is it when you can the tablet settings to 3 and Prioritize “Quality”?


That helps make it a little better, but the issue still slightly persists. I have used Clip Studio for a long time and can confidently say this doesn’t happen with any other tablet I have tried it with, so it can’t be the program or my computer, it has to be Astropad, or at least how Astropad interacts with it. Astropad works perfect with Photoshop for me.

Here is a little comparison with some quickly drawn circles. I used red marks to point out some of the spots that I notice a random “kink” in the line. You will notice it happens almost every time at the beginning of a stroke. I get the same issue in both Astropad Standard, and Astropad Studio.



Now that I looked for it, I get this behavior too. It hasn’t been a problem for me because I don’t usually draw quick curves like that, and it doesn’t show up when drawing more slowly. Not sure if it was there before the update or not.

Another thing I did notice since the update is I get a little cursor dot at the end of a stroke that goes away when I start the next stroke. It’s a tiny bit distracting.


I have always noticed this behavior, I just always tried to ignore it. However, now that Astropad is SO close to being a perfect Cintiq replacement, I wanted to bring it up. If the pen input could be as good as it is in Photoshop, the iPad would become the absolute perfect tool for all of my work, from start to finish.


Hi Yuurei,

Does the stroke jitter change depending on if you are using Wifi or USB? Knowing which connection type you use should help us debug this.


Hi PGross,

Would you mind making a screen recording for us of what you’re seeing? That will help us in reproducing it.


It happens whether I am plugged in or not, I usually work plugged in via USB.


Matt–I emailed you a screen recording.


I reported this to both AstroPad and Smith Micro (the Clip Studio folks) back in May of last year. I’m not doing any artistic drawing, I’m using Astropad and whatever drawing program on the Mac to capture fast handwriting. The impact of this bug is to make your handwriting look a lot messier than when you’re using pen on paper. It’s a problem with Clip Studio Paint not giving having a fast enough sample rate for their input devices. As I recall, the issue was more pronounced when you first started a fast stroke - once it realized you’d actually started drawing it began paying a little more attention (although still not enough compared to other programs e.g. SketchBook Pro).
This was the last I heard from Smith Micro about it (although the sense I got was that I was the only one who had complained about it and it likely wasn’t going to get much attention):

JUN 10, 2016 | 11:45AM PDT
John replied:

As stated previously, I have filed a report about your specific issue.
To clarify… when I contacted Autodesk, they indicated Sketchbook has support to work with AstroPad on Mac Systems.
Clip Studio Paint does not indicate support for input devices other than Wacom Tablets.
We have several users that state the software works with AstoPad on their Mac systems.

John Csaky | Customer/Tech Support
Smith Micro Software, Inc. | http://www.smithmicro.com


@Yuurei For the brushes used, if you lower the Stabilization setting for each brush,
somewhere at 1st, 2nd, or 3rd bar, does it change at all?

In Astropad Studio, if you disable Pressure Smoothing is there any difference?


Ok good to know, we’ve added this as a bug to our tracking system and we’ll be taking a look into it.


I usually keep stabilization as low as possible (or off if possible), the lower I put the stabilization, the worse the issue becomes. I have pressure smoothing in Astropad disabled.


Hello CSP users,

We have never been too happy with the line quality in CSP, sometimes lines can become jagged and not very smooth, like you have also noticed. We have been workin on a custom solution, just affecting CSP.

Here’s an Astropad beta for Mac which should fix the problem.
Run this Mac app, instead of the one you find on our website:

Studio Mac app:

Standard Mac app:

Unfortunately the drawback is that the line input is not as fast as before.

What do you think, would this be an improvement for you?
Is the reduced speed acceptable for a better line quality?

Let us know!

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product


Line quality is waaaaay better for sure. The trade off of having line input be slower isn’t ideal, but for me, this is much better. If there is a way to improve it to the point where line input is this good without the lag, that would be fantastic. But this is definitely much better for sketching in CSP.


Yes - I also confirm it’s much better. So I guess I have a little egg on my face because I was convinced this was a CSP problem because AstroPad worked just fine tracking fast drawing in SketchBook Pro. I need to email them now and eat some humble pie :-/.
Regarding the lag, while not ideal, I compensate for that with a little longer magenta preview line. As a side note, I wish AstroPad had the option for changing the color of the preview line - magenta is just way too much of a distracting/annoying psychedelic experience while drawing :-(.