Issues: Interrupted Lines (and various pinch gesture issues)


First of all WOW, you’ve really done an amazing work with Astropad! The mirroring is really fast and responsive, I couldn’t believe it!!!

I’m trying to evaluate whether astropad running on my iPad 2018 (+Apple Pencil) and my 2011 iMac (Sierra) is a good replacement for my intuos4 medium tablet but I am having a couple of issues (check the video below:

  1. The first issue which is the most annoying one (demonstrated on the video), is interrupted lines. It’s as if palm rejection gets confused - sometimes I can even see astropad registering/highlighting multifinger-gestures. I’ve disabled all magic gestures in astropad and have updated my wacom drivers to the latest version hoping that this would work, but no luck. This is a consistent behavior regardless of software that I use (tested on Painter 5 Essentials, Mischief, Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Designer and Sketchbook)

The following issues seem to be application specific bugs:

  1. As demonstrated on the video, pinch-rotating on Mischief App quite often causes the canvas to rotate uncontrollably

  2. In Sketchbook pinch-zooming is erratic and uncontrollable

  3. In Painter 5 Essentials: According to astropad’s FAQ pinch-panning and zooming are officially not supported, but I get occasional erratic zooming happening (I’d rather it was completely disabled)



Thanks for including video. So use in the video was with Mischief, then.
We are investigating further into this issue.

Please try a factory reset for Astropad:
Close Astropad’s Mac app.
Then hold option/alt key, while opening the Mac app again.
It will ask if you want a factory reset.

Any of the following third-party plugins, utilities, or drivers installed on your Mac?

For example -
SteerMouse ver. 5
Share Mouse

These are a few known to conflict input with Astropad, or have in the past.
Apologies for any inconvenience.


Hi Malyse, thank you for getting back to me! True, the video footage was from Mischief! While the canvas rotation issue was specific to Mischief, the “interrupted strokes” issue (that is also visible in the video) affected all the programs I tested (Painter 5 Essentials, Mischief, Sketchbook, Clip Studio Paint and Affinity Photo/Designer).
I followed the factory reset procedure that you mention with no luck, but after rebooting both the ipad and the imac I had a limited reprieve: for a few minutes the “interrupted strokes” issue was completely gone but returned soon thereafter. At that point I realized that this particular issue was directly related to my drawing hands’ fingers sliding across the display - Astropad would frequently display red circles under the position of the touching fingers indicating that it assumed some gesture was attempted (despite having disabled all magic gestures), at the same time the stroke would be interrupted momentarily creating this effect seen on the video. If I keep the fingers suspended and only the wrist is touching, the rejection works as expected. I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need additional information!

(Regarding extra plugins/utils, I don’t have any other than the latest wacom driver)


This is really helpful.
Thank you so much for the added information!
We appreciate taking the time to share your finding with troubleshooting.

I’ve forwarded this information to the rest of the team, and we’re looking into more of the cause.
I’m glad you figured out a workaround, but we are curious on why you had gotten the interrupted strokes
in that way; especially after seeing the recording.

For Mischief that is very strange, we have not reproduced the problem
but still be doing some more testing to see what could cause that.


hi Malyse, glad to hear it’s been of help! As we speak I’ve uninstalled the studio trial and have purchased the standard edition - for the last hour or so I’ve been testing it out and it’s been working really good thus far! I haven’t seen any of the above issues with interrupted lines or rotation glitches - I’ll let you know if it returns even though since discovering that it’s a palm rejection glitch, I’ve overcome it by using a tablet glove on my drawing hand (helps with cleaning the dust/smudges from the ipad too :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi @F_Kal, That’s good to know!
It also opens more questions for us :smile:
but it’s great that there was a comparison and helps us narrow down things.
Hopefully this doesn’t occur with Standard, but if it does let us know!

Again, thanks for getting back to us with this.

Also, that is a good dual use of a tablet glove :laughing: gives it a greater purpose!