Is my MacBook pro too old to keep up?


Hi - I took a dive and bought the iPad Pro along with the pencil in hopes to replace my cintiq 13hd. I have a 2009 mac book pro with 8GB memory and a 125 sad drive running 2.7 GHZ. I notice that there is a huge delay in response to selecting layers , drawing, just about everything. I’ve connected through wireless. Has any one had this experience with lagging? What can I do to increase the performance? I’ve bought the non subscription version. is connecting with USB faster?

I’ve already switched the retina settings to off, switched the tablet levels to 1-3 from 6. Quite all running applications.

I’m quite disappointed with this as I was expecting to have a better transition from my wacom 13HD. As it stands this application is unusable for my freelance work. Please help



USB is faster yes. I tested the Studio version and with a much newer MBP and my ipadPro and it worked very nicely. I fear you might need a newer MBP but this is just me speculating


Thanks Markus. I will try out the usb connections. I fear also that may need to get a new laptop. Time to start saving again :persevere:


There is a good chance that it is due to your wifi connection. Definitely try a USB connection and see if it works better. I have never had Astropad run that slow on any system via USB.


Hey Yuurei

I tried it with a little improvement (probably 5 percent faster). Thanks for the suggestion - perhaps the computer GPU is just too antiquated


Try quitting all other background applications to see if this makes a difference.
I use my iPad Pro with Astropad Standard connected via USB 2.9 to a 2009 iMac with 16 GBs of RAM, with no other applications running in the background, and Astropad is working pretty well for me.
I am using Astropad and my iPad Pro with Photoshop CS4, Painter 2016-17, Sketchbook Pro and Clip Studio and Medibang Paint.
I find Astropad has been working best with Painter and Clip Studio. I use older version of Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro, and find it’s not a perfect experience, either, but it seems to be a better experience than what you’re describing.
It may very well be your MacBook.
8 GBs of RAM is not a lot of RAM when newer versions of the Mac OS require more RAM also,
In addition, MacBooks tend to use integrated GPUs instead of discreet GPUs meaning your MacBook is using more physically installed RAM for the GPU VRAM.
This leaves very little RAM for any applications, never mind heavy resource intense image editing/drawing apps.
Also, a 128 GBs SSD drive is NOT very large.
If using heavy resource drawing/image editing apps, some apps will respond better of you purchase extra external drives to use a scratch disks locations.
Depending how much data space is left on that SSD drive, you may not have enough free storage space on that drive to accommodate all of the extra data crunching that most heavy resource image editing/drawing/painting apps need.