Is Astropad capable of being a full mouse input replacement


I scoured and searched the board here, as well as reviewed the main website and can’t seem to get a good answer to a very basic question. Can Astropad (coupled with an iPad + Apple Pen or other compatible non-iPad Pro stylus) be a replacement for a mouse in terms of being your primary computer navigation input device.

I currently use an Intuos (Wacom) pen tablet and for over a year now I’ve been waiting on them to fix a bug in their driver (and pestering them to get it done), but after several new driver updates it is still an issue. I am officially finished with Wacom so I’m looking for a suitable replacement for my tablet, but it needs to function as a complete input device (mouse replacement) for my Macbook.

So my basic question is just that, is this solution right for my needs, and if so, what would be the idea set up combination? I already have an iPad with retina display (standard size, not a Pro), so ideally I would just keep that device versus putting the money out there for a Pro. If this is NOT an ideal solution for me needs, I’d love some guidance on a solution that involves the use of my iPad if one exists.


Is anyone monitoring this forum (crickets) :slight_smile:


Depends, for me not, but either a wacom tablet with stylus or touch.
With Astropad you can browse decently on your Mac but for many things I complement it with a mouse, when you use 100% scale of iPad screen, you need to resize the software window or drag some windows outside that area and you need to point with something, the iPad may not always comfortable to do it, yes, you can put full screen but everything looks tiny, or scroll the area with the touch ring but is awful.
For you, may work fine as mouse a replacement, you can do everything a mouse does, but is inaccurate in some cases and you need to take in account that.


Not really. It’s too awkward to rely on it with no mouse.

Are you elevating your Macbook off the desk? What keeps you from using the trackpad?


The simple answer is no.

I still use a simple Wacom tablet for most photo editing I do, but sometimes when I want to edit on a screen I use Astropad. It’s good for that, with some problems like pixelation. If that is complete gone at some point Astopad will replace my Wacom for photo editing but I would never want to navigate a desktop interface with it.

Apple has made it very clear that their desktop interface will not be designed for touch. It’s really annoying to use without a trackpad or mouse. You can do it with a Wacom pen with a cursor but it’s far from ideal, and without a cursor it’s not fun at all.