iPad screen is black unless something is moved


Just bought an iPad Pro 12.9 yesterday and hoped to use it with my Mac (27" late 2013 8gb RAM) as a replacement for my Wacom Bamboo with Astropad, for illustrating in Clip Studio and Photoshop.
However I am currently just getting a black screen on the iPad.
The sidebar is there, and when I move things around on my Mac screen they flash up for a second (extremely pixellated) on the iPad but when nothing is being moved it remains a black screen.
The sidebar is there however.

I’ve tried with a wired and wireless connection and have the same issue with both.
What’s going wrong? Help appreciated.


What Mac OS is in use?
Any 3rd party apps, drivers, or plugins installed on your computer?

Is there an ethernet cord connected directly to your iMac at all?


I’m having the exact same issue. I just purchased the app yesterday, so this is very frustrating. Is there a solution?


@Cole_Londeree Are you using Astropad Studio as well?
Does the black screen happen with both USB and Wifi connection?
Please send us an email to studio[at]astro-hq.com with more details about your setup


This is happening for me, too. New iPad pro, MacBook. If i restart astropad (sometimes a couple of times) at the MacBook I can get it to work and the black goes away. Wifi. Astropad Studio. Seems to work very well when it isn’t black!