iPad Pro Smartkeyboard


Hey I’m using my smart keyboard with my ipadpro, but the keyboard doesn’t work, I want to type text when I’m drawing in Ai? Is there a setup for this?


we currently do not support keyboards, it is a popular request and we want to add that functionality.


This would be awesome, I have a studio in my lower level and would love to use this in other areas in my home without dragging my mouse and keyboard wth me :slight_smile: The app is great and very easy to use so far, pretty intuitive :slight_smile:


Ok, thanx and yes this would be nice :slight_smile: love the app tho!!


That’s great to hear. Just got started with Astropad and so far not being able to use my Smart Keyboard for my iPad Pro is the only thing that keeps me from absolutely loving the app. Do you have any idea if you will be able to integrate the keyboard in a coming update and if so when we can expect it to happen?


if we find no main development issues, by end of the year/early 2017… fingers crossed!



Thank youuuu :smiley: :smiley:


I vote for this too, please make it 2016!!


Is this still coming or has it been scrapped in favor of the new subscription service with onscreen keyboard?


UPDATE- I just answered my own question. Just went and tried to use the keyboard with Astropad Studio and sure enough, it fully works.
Which is really lame since you told everyone it was coming to the basic version bc obviously isn’t.
The subscription model is crap; it was when Adobe started the trend years back and still is when every other company out there copies it.
If you need to generate more revenue to keep your company afloat, create some additional apps instead of squeezing as much as you can from loyal customers for one app that they will never be able to own.
I have to go return my smart keyboard and cancel my Astropad Studio subscription before I get charged for a second month.