iPad Pro- Lightroom - Photoshop- Retouching Workflow


Just got my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and now Astropad. I’m interested in tips and tricks regarding retouching.

For instance, the quick menu on Astropad is ‘mapped’ to Photoshop. My usual workflow is to start in Lightroom and move to Photoshop as needed. Will I just have to not use the Astropad quick menu in one or the other?

Tips, tricks and experiences about retouch workflow much appreciated.


unfortunately for the time being you can only have a set of shortcuts. We are working on adding per app shortcuts… Coming in early 2016!

Number of youtube videos talking about Astropad and Photography.

Checkout these reviews:


Hi, any updates on this? If so, where can I set the shortcuts per app?


Our apologies!

Unfortunately this feature is still in-development, and pushed for ETA end of this year/beginning 2017.
Let us know if there is further questions.

Thank you for your patience.