Ipad Pro 12"9 + Macbook Pro : Old bug came back


I used to have a bug with Astropad that also exist with studio but an issue was found :
Everytime I move something on screen like going in menu or moving a tool, everything get chuncky with big squares of pixels getting bad color and brightness value until it refresh in many seconds. it made astropad unusable.
At the time, You provided me a kind of a solution, by going in debug option and deselecting the colorsync option.
Now with the last patch the bug is here again, but you moved away the colorsync option and we don’t have other solution to make astropad a working software.

Now you will have to take seriously care of this bug.

here is a video of the problem : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F245AichYXw


Thanks for the video of the issue.
This is a bug we are aware of, and are working to fix as soon as possible.

It’s been a more difficult problem to figure out, and at this time turning off colorsync is our only workaround.

For Studio, you can still access ColorSync.
In the Main Menu of the Sidebar, tap "General Support"
ColorSync is available to be enabled or disable from there.

More info on this - http://blog.astropad.com/general-settings/

Our apologies for the frustrations, and we appreciate your patience.


Thank you for the info about the relocation of the colorsync option in studio, it may help.