iPad Pro 12.9" Display Colour Profile


Hello Astropad users!

I have an iPad Pro 12.9" and using as a display for connect to my headless Mac (running a custom resolution)

(I use a display emulator hdmi device on the Mac mini, it does not have a real monitor connected and I have setup a 1:1 pixel resolution using switchresx)

The only thing missing now is the colour profile. I would like it to be ‘fairly’ accurate and not wildly off. (…It’s currently set to a standard one from the display emulator device as I’m not sure which to change it too)

I am not after 100% accuracy or even fully calibration to another display. I simply would like a colour profile that is designed for the iPad Pro 12.9" as a standalone display.

Can any of you graphics experts use your tools and calibration devices against your iPad Pro whilst using it as a display and post your display profile.

I know this is a big favour but I cannot find a display profile for the iPad Pro anywhere.

Ps. I’m colourblind so hence why I’m asking for assistance. Plus, I suspect the display is completely wrong at the moment matching to a standard iMac or MacBook as a reference display would be a good start!