IPad mini 4 compatibility


Hello. I would like to try using the Astropad app on a IPad mini4. I would like to use it in photoshop and Lightroom to adjust and correct photographs. I also have a Mac Probook. What do I need to get started and what can I expect.

Thank you


You can use Astropad with the Mini 4. If you want to use a stylus, the Apple Pencil will not work. However, there are several others out there you can use. I used to use the original “Pencil” by Fifty-Three. Adonit & Wacom both also make pressure sensitive styli. It basically comes down to personal preference and your style.

That all being said, if you eventually have the means to get an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, you’ll never use another stylus. The pressure sensitivity and palm rejection are phenominal.